CSGO Minesweeper Sites

We’ve compiled a list of the best CS: GO minesweeper sites. Some are good and some should not be played. That’s why we did the boring work for you. We tested hundreds of CS: GO betting sites using our methodology. We test, examine and verify whether sites are legitimate. Then we compile them in lists as follows. Also note that we collect promotional codes for you to use.

CS: GO minesweeper or CSGO mines are called in the community. An exciting strategy game packed with action. You deposit your skins and bet. Then your minesweeper game starts. Your goal is to squash the squares, but be careful. The mines are also hidden under some squares. Then your goal is to clear as many squares as possible without hitting any bombs. The more squares you clear, the more you earn. In summary this is pretty much the game. You will have to experience the CS GO mines yourself to experience the true feel of the game.